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Lion Taming

Post Date: Jul 30, 2011 1:46 p.m.
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Since I downloaded and installed the latest version of Mac OS X, nicknamed Lion, I’ve been working at a feverish rate to re-claim certain aspects of the OS which the overlords at Apple had deemed worthy of change, refresh, or removal. My desire to customize my computing experience isn’t new by any means — I remember tweaking the colour scheme on my first Windows 3.1 laptop back in 1993 — but as I grow, these changes are more to do with productivity than simple aesthetics. Lion broke my workflow. There are several apps and areas which needed some attention. Finder, especially with its new Launchpad and Mission Control as well as numerous interface quirks, Safari, iCal and Address Book, and iTunes. Sidebar icons in Lion are greyscale. But why? In Finder, one o...

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