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Remembering Cy Twombly

Post Date: Jul 20, 2011 5:00 p.m.
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Cy Twombly. Werner Schloske, Rome. 1962. By Guest Blogger, Claire Sexton Though as a teen he studied with Pierre Daura, Cy Twombly adopted his own peculiar style of skittery painting early on, after his first journey to Europe and North Africa. His early influences were artists like Kurt Schwitters, Jean Dubuffet, and Alberto Giacometti, who he was exposed to while studying at the Boston Museum School. After leaving Boston, Twombly met, influenced, and was influenced by many important artists at Washington and Lee University in Virginia, then at Black Mountain College in North Carolina. He was drafted into the army at age 25 and fittingly worked at cryptography, still painting and drawing at every opportunity. Twombly rose to prominence in the art world ...

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