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Social Media CRM 101: Attract, Acquire, Retain Customers

Post Date: Aug 01, 2011 8:05 a.m.
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Is your company’s social media presence antisocial? How important is social media for the success of your customer relationship strategy? Consider how your customers use social media. According to research compiled by social media expert Sarah Evans: Internet users in the U.S. spend one-sixth of their time on social media sitesFacebook now counts almost 700 million users 22% of UK grandparents use social networks , including Facebook (71%), Twitter (34%), and LinkedIn (9%) The number of adult Facebook users who “liked” a brand has recently increased from 47% to 59% In other words, when it comes to connecting with customers, your company can’t afford to be antisocial . And neither can your CRM strategy. To increase your company’s social media savvy, here’s whe...

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