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the spirits of Christmas

Post Date: Dec 26, 2011 11:14 p.m.
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DISCLAIMER: Flamingo Dancer may have been in the process of swishing down a large goblet of red wine in the process of writing this blog. If you agree with stated opinions, FD claims full copyright and ownership, if you do not agree with the opinions thus expressed, well, she disclaims her said opinions and heartily disavows them. If you can’t decide if you do or don’t agree, for heavens sake get a life and stop fence sitting. We survived not only Christmas Day (my family), but also Boxing Day (Mr FD’s family). My ears are still ringing from the high pitched fog horn voice of Miss Three Year Old who is yet to perfect her volume button, but on the whole it was a good two days. We survived MIL as well, without her throwing up in the car on her way here, and back to her care fa...

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