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13302. castpost.com
13301. ratemyprofessors.com
13300. michigandaily.com
13304. img370.imageshack.us
13305. nbc4.com
13306. gizmodo.de

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Ultimate list of blogging tools for pros
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: Jul 28 2011 14:00:52

The mind of a professional blogger looks a little something like this... which is why every pro blogger needs a good set of tools. (iStoc kphoto/uns worn) You don’t have to look far to find a list of the best tools for beginning bloggers. A benefit for them, no doubt. But those of us...

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Essential Software To Install After Installing Windows
Post Source: feeds.maketecheasier.com
Posted: Jun 27 2011 23:58:39

Installing or re-installing Windows is a tedious and time consuming task. Other than the time spent installing the OS, we still need to restore all our favorite and essential software. Personally, I have a list of utilities and software that I install after installing Windows. Keeping this list made...

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SyncBack freeware 3.2.18
Post Source: gratisxte.com
Posted: May 21 2011 09:51:40

Uno strumento completo per effettuare il backup attraverso due modalità. La prima, definita Easy, si indirizza a chi non ha particolari competenze ma nemmeno necessità peculiari. Consente infatti di creare velocemente le copie di sicurezza, definendo quali cartelle copiare (escludendo even...

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