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No App For This?
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 13 2011 16:05:18

Image via CrunchBase I recently just joined the wonderful world of the iPad .  I mulled over the purchase for like a month but I am very happy I went through with it.  It will be such a great tool while coaching.  I can use it for practice, games and stats afterward.  I’ve also found i...

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List Of Sony Ericsson Upgradable Android Mobiles to Ice Cream Sandwich
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 02 2011 10:25:15

List Of Sony Ericsson Upgradable android Mobiles to Ice Cream Sandwich in Xperia Range this year. Sony Ericsson users finally got an answer to their queries on the Upgrade to the android Ice Cream Sandwich. A recent blog post on the Sony Ericsson Official Blog stated that all devices belonging ...

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Nokia 700 ‘coming soon’ to T-Mobile
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 20 2011 17:11:46

The Symbian Belle-powered Nokia 700 will be available on T-Mobile towards the end of this month, the UK network has confirmed. Announced back in August, the Nokia 700 is touted as the “most compact touch monoblock smartphone in the world”. That doesn’t mean it’s lacking...

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