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When The Last Man on Earth Wasn’t Alone
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 27 2011 17:25:31

Click to view slideshow. As the month of October counts down to its end, and landing on the favored holiday of Halloween , my good blogging colleague Ed Copeland has graciously republished an updated piece of mine from a couple of years back. The post was my way of paying tribute to a book I c...

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Whose the “Derpy-est” One of All?
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 24 2011 11:00:32

Cover via Amazon Today I continue with Made-It-Up Mondays. Every once in a while, I throw out a made-up word and ask you to a) define the word, and b) then use the word in a sentence that indicates how the word could be used. Why? Because someone gave me the book The Meaning of...

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Google built a never ending bookcase
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 20 2011 03:10:29

In a Chrome Experiment from google, they built their very own online WebGL infinite bookcase . The bookcase just like a real one lets you browse books by subject, over 10,000 of them. The bookcase is three dimensional and by clicking on any book it will open up to google Books using their API. ...

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oldhollywood: “I don’t know about all this TV all day long now; there’s people acting all the time...
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 07 2011 20:40:00

oldhollywood : “I don’t know about all this TV all day long now; there’s people acting all the time - they turn the thing on, somebody’s there acting at them. I wonder if that’s good for people - all this acting .” - Jimmy Stewart ( via ) ......

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Layered Audio, or When Browsers Don’t Behave
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 05 2011 13:57:24

I just made a fun discovery: an online article with embedded sound plays perfectly in one browser, but in another it plays all of the sound clips at the same time. To which I say: awesome. (Brief statement of intent: I in no way want this to be read as an insult to the web programming of an im...

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oldhollywood: Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward, 1961. Photo by...
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 05 2011 01:56:23

oldhollywood : Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward , 1961. Photo by Martin Munkacsi. ( via )......

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"In a coda to The Gutenberg Elegies, Birkerts conjures up, out of the pages of Wired magazine, the..."
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 28 2011 05:51:00

“In a coda to The Gutenberg Elegies, Birkerts conjures up, out of the pages of Wired magazine, the Devil himself, ‘sleek and confident,’ a ‘sorcerer of the binary order’ who offers to replace the struggle of earthly existence with ‘a vivid, pleasant dream.’ All he wants in return is ma...

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