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Archived Link Thunderbird Extension
Post Source: schepers.cc
Posted: Aug 24 2011 04:21:07

This week is our first Geek Week at W3C. The idea is to have a week where we improve our skills, collaborate with each other on prototypes and fun projects that help W3C, and to come up for air from our everyday duties. I’m working on a few projects, some small and some larger. One of my p...

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CSS3 Radial Gradient Syntax Breakdown
Post Source: www.impressivewebs.com
Posted: Aug 09 2011 12:50:23

A short time ago I wrote an article that broke down the syntax for coding CSS3 linear gradients from scratch. Once you get the hang of them, linear gradients are pretty simple to code. Radial gradients , on the other hand, are a little more complex. So let’s finish off what I started in...

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2011-07-31 Trunk builds
Post Source: www.squarefree.com
Posted: Aug 01 2011 05:16:42

Fixes: Fixed: 455694 - Implement animation for tab reordering and detaching (via drag and drop). Fixed: 564667 - Allow bootstrapped add-ons to have chrome. Fixed: 335998 - parentNode of element gets lost. (Note: to be backed out from 8 Aurora, so it has plenty of time ...

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Lessons for Open Source Communities: Making Bug Tracking More Efficient
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: Jul 28 2011 05:46:34

This post is a discussion about making bug tracking in Bugzilla for the mozilla project more efficient. However, I believe it is applicable to any open source project or even companies or governments running service desks (think 311). Almost exactly a year ago I wrote a blog post titled: ...

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Adblock Plus developer pokes holes in Mozilla’s new add-on performance tests
Post Source: www.net-episodes.com
Posted: Jul 24 2011 20:15:17

Wladimir Palant, developer of the most popular add-on in the world, Adblock Plus, is also an active contributor to the Planet mozilla blog community. Over the last few days, in response to mozilla’s new name and shame list of slow add-ons , Palant has been investigating whether mozilla̵...

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Thunderbird-Addons: Optionen
Post Source: blog.tessarakt.de
Posted: Jul 23 2011 09:02:41

Heute schauen wir uns, wieder am Beispiel von Quicker Filer 0.5.1 , an, wie man in einem Thunderbird-Addon Einstellungen benutzt, die als Preferences persistiert werden. In der install.rdf heißt es: chrome://q uickerfile r/content/ options.xu l Damit wird ein Einstellungsdialog definiert...

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Creating a PHP ICO Creator for Favicons
Post Source: chrisjean.com
Posted: Jul 21 2011 15:15:58

For the past couple of weeks, I have worked on creating a PHP library to create ICO files. This has been difficult as all the documentation for the ICO format is either sparse or not completely documented. I’m doing this since I have yet to find a way of creating a valid favicon file using j...

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Comment on Optimized loops by skyboy
Post Source: blog.stroep.nl
Posted: Jul 19 2011 20:34:23

...ped FireFox from saving the form data for recovery. Not necessarily a bug on either side. Also, per a comment on Jackson’s blog, it looks like the results aren’t what they seem. https://bu gzilla.moz illa.org/s how_bug.cg i?id=67249 0 I’m not sure what to make of this.......

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2011-07-17 Trunk builds
Post Source: www.squarefree.com
Posted: Jul 18 2011 07:46:16

Fixes: Fixed: 465186 - Detaching a tab does not open the new window at the drop location (dragging tab to an empty second monitor opens window on the wrong monitor). Fixed: 571454 - Back button does not work along edge of screen (would like to see Fitts Law applied when on l...

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Firefox 8 es 20% más rápido que Firefox 5 e iguala a Chrome 14
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: Jul 11 2011 17:22:16

En Extreme Tech están reportando que la versión Nightly de Firefox 8 es 20% más rápido que Firefox 5 en casi todas las métricas (inicio, restaurar sesión, primera imagen, ejecución de JavaScript, e incluso en canvas 2D y renderizado del 3D WebGL). La huella de la memoria de F...

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