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Judicial Watch’s ‘Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians’ for 2011: House Edition
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 30 2011 15:01:59

I sit and wonder…. how is it that these people have been caught of breaking the law and still they sit in office as if they are as clean as a fresh virgin snow?  The Ethics committee finds them guilty and yet there they are, on the tv telling us all the great things they are doing for us.  T...

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Privatize Gains, Socialize Losses
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 28 2011 17:42:03

Today the EPA has officially (as in, scientifically) linked the chemicals used in hydraulic fracking with contaminated drinking water and explosive bathwater in Wyoming . Residents began complaining of fouled water near Pavillion in the mid-1990s, and the problems appeared to get worse a...

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Calling all Raleigh folks- time to rep your city!
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 16 2011 14:35:45

I offered to write up a little post about Raleigh for work, so I need your help! Time to rep America’s #1 City !  Photo credit: original source unknown; via EssentiallyLaura 1) What are three must see spots in Raleigh? 2) Best restaurant to get a taste of the city?  3&...

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The Dread Pirate Rodgers: My boyfriend the feminist
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 15 2011 15:50:54

The Dread Pirate Rodgers: My boyfriend the feminist : theladyem : wittyandcharming : This is what drew wrote in response to this article about how LEGO excludes girls. This article is aggravatingly gender biased while under the guise of equality. Not to mention that this Orenstein l...

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La ciencia ya experimenta con híbridos que son mitad hombres, mitad animales
Post Source:
Posted: Nov 03 2011 03:31:02

Se propone incluso crear una quimera hombre-mono con fines terapéuticos La especie humana ya está mezclada con otras. Se ha iniciado un proceso científico que pretende ampliar la diversidad genética del planeta con fines médicos mediante la creación de especímenes híbridos, mitad anim...

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inothernews: BloombergBusinessweek’s most recent cover. And...
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 27 2011 17:40:43

inothernews : BloombergB usinesswee k ’s most recent cover. And here’s the cover story on David Graeber, “The Anti-Leader of Occupy Wall Street.” (via Business Insider)......

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Inflation, Interest Rates and Jobs – Where Are We Headed?
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 27 2011 12:31:09

Back in January, 2011 when the members of the Board of Governors and Presidents of the Federal Reserve Banks met, participants viewed the outlook for economic activity and inflation as having weakened significantly since last October, when their last projections were made. As indicated in Table 1 ...

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Netflix Shares Tank
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 27 2011 01:55:58

Netflix Shares Tank : matthewknell : sheasylvia : jdeadly : Here’s the thing, guys. No matter how much you paint this as the apocalypse, my Netflix account is still cheaper than cable, cheaper than satellite or pay-per-view, cheaper than buying or renting individual movies (ev...

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[Possible Spam Post detected]
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 23 2011 23:53:52

...quo;Expand This Mention’ below for details....

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Economists say The Only Way to Save the Economy: Break Up the Giant, Insolvent Banks
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 23 2011 06:22:18

Economists say The Only Way to Save the Economy: Break Up the Giant, Insolvent Banks : stfuconservatives : The following top economists and financial experts believe that the economy cannot recover unless the big, insolvent banks are broken up in an orderly fashion: Nobel prize-winn...

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