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8 Experts You Must Follow Online
Post Source:
Posted: Nov 29 2011 06:19:41

...lo entrepreneurs. He is also a professional speaker and Co-Author of Trust Agents , with Julien Smith. Oh, and I forgot to mention, Chris’s blog, is ranked in the Top 5 of the Advertising Age Power 150 blogs. Gary Vaynerchuk â€' Founder of VaynerMedia & NY Times Bestselling Author This hyperkinetic serial entrepreneur f...

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Why Social Media Relationships Matter in B2B
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 25 2011 22:24:01

It can bring great minds together, and give marketers daily opportunities to learn. Aaron Strout of WCG Social media is great for Coke , but what about JSR Micro ? One has billions of thirsty customers worldwide, the other makes customized chemicals for a small cadre of high performance ch...

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Thankful Thursday #43
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 14 2011 01:54:24

This week I’m thankful for… Condoleezza Rice’s take on receiving opinions “I welcome your opinions, but not your uninformed opinions.”  My thoughts exactly on people who cast judgment on teachers when they themselves haven’t spent a single day in the classroom...

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3 Simple Ideas That Will Help You Close More Deals Faster
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 12 2011 20:09:38

It seems like anytime something goes from being an occupation to being a profession, things necessarily get complicated. Could it be that the sales profession is less complicated than some have made it out to be? (or should be) Of course, reps often have no choice but to abide by the rules a...

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Create Goodwill And A Positive Image By Helping Others
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 12 2011 12:41:08

In difficult economic conditions, every client and every dollar counts even more than usual.  People are seeing their homes going into foreclosure, companies are laying off employees, municipalities are going bankrupt all across the country.  After school and community youth programs are disappear...

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The Zen of Shama Kabani
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 11 2011 13:43:00

Author and social media guru Shama Hyder Kabani For awhile now, one of the hottest topics in business publishing has been social media how-to’s; Amazon glibly recommends over 164,000 titles—a little overwhelming, even with free shipping. Some are “dum my”- style, others ...

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5 Amazing Things Social Media Is Doing To Sales
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 01 2011 14:36:27

My social networks have provided me with some great insights as of late. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Focus, LinkedIn, Quora, Namesake, Youtube, Vimeo have all been great catalysts for helping me grow smarter and grow closer to some great people. Here’s how: An Ear To The World Using Twitter has...

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Don’t Get Lost in the Features
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 29 2011 16:49:05

September has been an exciting month with plenty of news in the social media world. Facebook introduced smart lists, changes to the news feed and new photo displays. Then Google+ opened to the public, launched a search feature and added new features to Hangouts. Not to be outdone, Fac...

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My Five Minutes with Chris Brogan and Life Lessons Learned
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 29 2011 14:08:30

Have you ever heard the expression  – don’t judge a book by it’s cover? I’m sure you have. Well apparently I’d been doing just that to one Chris Brogan. The poor guy’s ears must have been ringing non-stop lately. I mean I don’t even know the guy, a...

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