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Tuesday Dawned Cold And Grey
Post Source:
Posted: Nov 30 2010 20:42:05

It’s not much better out now. Maybe the next day or so will be better? You know what’s for wimps, apparently? NaNoWriMo . You know what the true creative make-or-break project is? OnMoAnFe. That would be Ryan Estrada ’s effort in the rain forest of Central America for the mont...

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I Get To Use The Word Kurtosis Again? Happy Day!
Post Source:
Posted: Nov 22 2010 20:19:18

There are days I see something out on the web and the only rational response is, “Yep, that’s my lead story.” In this case, it’s information that actually makes good on something I halfway-attempted pert-near four years back. A little history: In response to an article at ...

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07/26/10 Plan Of (in)Action
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 26 2010 04:00:00

Link to the Original Artwork Read the iphone version For the first time in my life, I submitted a short story  to a literary magazine. Fun-fun! (But, no expectations) From all I heard about San Diego Comic Con, it was a blast this year. I hope I get to go next year, I’v...

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Webcomic Wire - 6/28/2010
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 29 2010 03:11:05

Drawn from sources that are Euphoric to be indy… Douglas Rushkoff on the Pekar Project . Single comic panels that depict both cause and effect. Rick Marshall makes the case for following comic creators via social networks over at Pop Candy. Webcomic Beacon #125 features Erika Moen. M...

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Webcomic Wire - 5/25/2010
Post Source:
Posted: May 25 2010 23:12:27

Drawn from sources that were thankfully NOT educated in Texas with their new textbook… A documentary film about the work of Jim Woodring. Blogger frankh lists 5 webcomics that he thinks don’t suck. The Daily Cross Hatch has an interview with Jonathan Rosenberg. STLWebcom ics.or...

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Reinventing Micropayments
Post Source:
Posted: May 11 2007 07:50:32

Just as Bitpass bit the dust and Scott McCloud decided the right number for The Right Number was free, Joel Fagin offers another look at how to make micropayments work for webcomics -- by examining iTunes, the most successful micropayments system in history. Original News......

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