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Some Non-News About Mercury Pollution
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 30 2009 15:41:13

Today I received an exciting email about H.R. 2190, the Mercury Pollution Reduction Act , a bill sponsored by IL Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. The bill passed the subcommittee on June 3, 2009 and it would be before the full Energy and Commerce Committee for markup today. That is, it was going to be...

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LUX Life: Oceana SeaChange Summer Party 2009
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 24 2009 02:58:17

Last night I had the privilege in attending THE MOST fabulous event I have ever attended in my life!† I was lucky enough to be a guest at oceana‚Äôs SeaChange Summer Party in Laguna Beach, Ca.† It was LUX, it was heart, and most importantly, it supports our most precious resource, the oceans.† ...

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NEW Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 13 2009 02:25:49

Updated: 5:48 PM 8/12/2009 The News is In Researchers Finding Much More Plastic than Expected It’s hard to imagine finding plastic garbage fragments and bits throughout the huge Pacific Ocean. But, researchers are doing just that. From the very start of their journey, they are netting pl...

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Post Source:
Posted: Jul 08 2009 04:11:14

kayak by Xtracycle ... rides better than it looks, truly A couple of miles up the road from our house we have a nice put-in to one of the Hiwassee River’s inlets. ¬†Although there is water year-round, it’s most conducive for paddling/boating in the summers when TVA is releasing water ...

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Finding Coral Expedition Wraps Up
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 24 2009 21:37:00

The Finding Coral Expedition has now concluded. So, after all the effort and excitement, at the end of it all, did the members of the FCE team really "find coral" as they had intended? Did they ever. The Finding Coral Expedition documented over 14 species of coral, ranging from small oran...

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‚Äú 9 Favourite Social Media Tips for Non Profits and Events that Have Used Social Media for a Good Cause‚ÄĚ
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 22 2009 15:22:13

¬†Social Media has been in the news a lot, about how¬†it can be used¬†by business to make profits. What is quite¬†often not¬†realised, is that social media¬†can be utilised to enable non profits and charities to raise money for good causes because¬†N GO’s are all about community, and this ra...

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El Mediterr√°neo, el mar m√°s contaminado del mundo
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 18 2009 08:20:54

El mar Mediterr√°neo se enfrenta a la mayor contaminaci√≥n mundial por hidrocarburos, con m√°s de 400.000 toneladas al a√Īo, y a m√°s de 800 especies ex√≥ticas invasoras, seg√ļn un informe que ha publicado oceana . La ONG recuerda que la “eno rme” riqueza de los mares y oc√©anos...

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Bites For A Cause: Humpback Whale Huniting to Resume In Europe
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 05 2009 12:55:00

Homing into the academic roots and study of marine sciences, it’s been pretty easy to partner up with groups like oceana to write about Sustainable Sailor practices or in this case, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) and their current campaign to encourage the worl...

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I pesci predatori sono in pericolo. Soffrono la fame perchè le prede sono scomparse
Post Source:
Posted: Mar 03 2009 12:31:41

L’uomo ha fatto man bassa anche dei pesci piccoli, e i pesci grossi, i pesci predatori - quelli sopravvissuti, almeno - soffrono la fame . Ad esempio, √® denutrito il 40% dei delfini tursiopi del Mar Jonio. Lo dice il rapporto dell’ ;associazi one oceana “Hungry Oceans: ...

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Note-worthy Nibbles
Post Source:
Posted: Feb 12 2009 17:01:00

Bite From Boston Did you know... everyone can sign up for note-worthy eNewsletters on the Boston Stop-over? Check-out the latest issue and help spread the word. It’s going to be a great few weeks of intoxicating sailing-related events for all ages! I’m shooting to be on-site before, du...

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