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Posted: Mar 22 2010 11:00:23

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In Defence of ‘Scrum but…’
Post Source:
Posted: Mar 07 2010 15:21:45

Scrum , as a framework, is practiced in many different organisations and can be considered a mainstream approach to software development. To me agile is way of scaling common sense and while I no longer practise Scrum I consider it an excellent implementation and would happily return to it if my...

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It’s the maintenance, stupid! (or: Something is rotten in developerland.)
Post Source:
Posted: Jan 27 2010 13:03:28

Most people - even the overwhelming majority of programmers - would say that the main activity of a software developer is " writing source code ". But this is a (though quite understandable) misconception - and if you take a look at the available figures on the issue or if you - as...

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Is There Something Inherently un-Agile About ERP Software?
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 30 2009 11:44:57

A reader of the post Make the Hairs on the Back of Your Neck Stand Up posed the following question: I wonder if there’s something inherently  un-Agile (and thus, unable to change fast enough to meet new business  demands 1; about older enterprise software, or just ERP software...

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TDD is not about testing, it’s about how we develop software
Post Source:
Posted: Nov 03 2009 09:02:56

I am practicing Test Driven Development (TDD) now for some two years or so, and soon this technique of writing software felt so natural, that I hardly could imagine doing it another way or even imagine a reason why I should do so. But on the other hand, I know that not questioning some...

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