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Did Overprotective Pitch Counts Hamper Rick Porcello
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 21 2010 02:28:28

Before Sunday’s game, Detroit continued their pitcher reclamation efforts, banishing Rick Porcello to Toledo to figure out what’s not work (hint: everything). Porcello had a very good rookie season, but sports an xFIP of 5.05, which is much better than his 6.14 ERA but...

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Detroit Tigers Baseball
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 04 2010 10:00:44

  A guest post by my buddy Franklin Thomas. The Detroit Tigers are one of the best baseball teams in the United States. They might not have the best year every year but that has not stopped them from trying their best. Fans of the Detroit Tigers have recently been hit by a death of their form...

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Can we classify every pitch?
Post Source:
Posted: May 22 2010 04:33:25

Note: This article was originally published at the Statistically Speaking blog at on December 22, 2007.  Since the site is defunct and its articles are no longer available on the web, I am re-publishing the article here. What if we knew what type of pitches every major league pitc...

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