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22. wordpress.org
21. huffingtonpost.com
20. news.yahoo.com
24. techcrunch.com
25. wired.com
26. amazon.com

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My Top Songs Of The Year
Post Source: youngsblog.com
Posted: Dec 29 2011 18:15:16

As we end the year 2011; there has been some great songs that we still have stuck in our heads.  Here is my list of the top 12 songs of the year. Adele – Rolling In The Deep - Many people have this song as the top song of the year. Adele – Someone Like You  - Another big hi...

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Tim Donner drops out of U. S. Senate race in Virginia
Post Source: chrisfrashure.com
Posted: Dec 28 2011 21:03:18

Tim Donner is officially out of the U. S. Senate race in Virginia. Citing an inability for the anti-Allen voters to coalesce around one candidate and too much establishment support for Allen, Donner is gracefully bowing out of the race to “live to fight another day.” Donner, along wi...

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Interview with Carrie of “Eyeliner on a Cat”!
Post Source: thescentsofself.com
Posted: Dec 28 2011 19:03:47

Is anyone else a little star-struck by Carrie of Eyeliner on a Cat ? She’s been featured in Allure Magazine , serves as a committee member  on the FiFi Indie Committee, and has a hardcore Dracula tattoo . Ultimately, however, her passion for Guerlain L’Heure Bleue parfum makes her a...

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Matt’s Most Anticipated Films for 2012
Post Source: creedsdelight.com
Posted: Dec 28 2011 03:15:09

Well, it seems it is that time of the year again. It’s time to wrap up what was a fantastic year of film (check out my top ten of 2011 HERE at Why So Blu? ), and prepare for the next year of film. While 2011 was not a huge year for anticipation, there were a whole lot of pleasant su...

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The Gangster (Nov. 25, 1947)
Post Source: ocdviewer.com
Posted: Dec 28 2011 03:09:51

I’m no hypocrite. I knew everything I did was low and rotten. I knew what people thought of me. What difference did it make? What did I care? In the dirty razzle-dazzle of Neptune Beach, one man runs the rackets, and he has the unlikely name of “Shu bunka.R 21; (You can sing hi...

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X marks the spot, as does y and z
Post Source: flamingodancer.net
Posted: Dec 27 2011 19:11:38

Xenz the artist Xmas post office truck‏ Yvonne Mitchell in her dressing room at the Theatre Royal, Bath Young street cricketers - Salford, 1964 Yves Saint Laurent gypsy bride dress Yellow circa 1958 by Yap Chin Hoe Zena Dare, actressm circa 19...

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La delicadeza
Post Source: conchahuerta.com
Posted: Dec 27 2011 09:41:27

Estas últimas tardes me he visto envuelta en una historia etérea que me ha hecho sonreír y me ha llenado de esperanza. He estado leyendo La Delicadeza de David Foenkinos, una novela que me atrajo por sus premios. Y por el título, delicadeza, vocablo olvidado en nuestros días  marcados por las ...

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the spirits of Christmas
Post Source: flamingodancer.net
Posted: Dec 27 2011 07:14:05

DISCLAIMER: Flamingo Dancer may have been in the process of swishing down a large goblet of red wine in the process of writing this blog. If you agree with stated opinions, FD claims full copyright and ownership, if you do not agree with the opinions thus expressed, well, she disclaims her said opin...

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The Adventures of Tintin
Post Source: creedsdelight.com
Posted: Dec 26 2011 21:03:35

Tintin: We’ve got bad news. We’ve only got one bullet. Captain Haddock: What’s the good news? Tintin: We’ve got one bullet. Based on The Adventures of Tintin comics by Hergé, comes the big screen adaption helmed by none other than the mighty duo of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jacks...

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Post Source: flamingodancer.net
Posted: Dec 26 2011 19:42:37

War for warrior husbands! willow wren william morris William A. Sac's Chinese Boarding House, Gulgong, 1871-1875 wind blown water water women's police service during the first world war Whale, Paris, 1909 word...

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