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10423. packers.com
10422. frbsf.org
10421. pandemia.info
10425. ebags.com
10426. sky.com
10427. cn.engadget.com

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Narrow minded
Post Source: skateandannoy.com
Posted: Jul 30 2011 01:01:24

Some people are obsessed with skateboards, others with making 8 bit pixel art in the style of old video game perspective. Head on over to eboy for an odd little assortment.......

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23 Detailed Pixel Art City Creation
Post Source: superdit.com
Posted: May 25 2011 00:41:32

Pixel art is one of the digital art technique that first used in 2D computer gaming, with the raise of 3D art pixel art became rarely used, but today some creative design agency applied this technique to create some amazing detailed advertising campaign, to illustrated how big the brand are. Big Is...

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7 Websites For Pixel Art Tutorials And Creative Inspiration
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: Apr 20 2011 15:30:27

If you stare at a computer screen, then you know what pixels are all about. On the computer screen or even on mobile ones, you would have come across pixel art. Think icons and you will get what pixel art is all about. It was what we saw in the video games of old. Now, graphics have evolved and a l...

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