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6109. oakley.com
6108. free.fr
6107. cache.boston.com
6111. virginia.edu
6112. community.webshots.com
6113. winne.com

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Post Source: www.masson.us
Posted: Jul 30 2011 12:37:16

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The Value of Cursive
Post Source: www.masson.us
Posted: Jul 19 2011 13:58:20

I wouldn’t keep beating on this cursive thing so much except that I was bad at it and really hated being forced to deal with it as a kid in school. Between typing and printing, I have not missed cursive for an instant since the moment my teachers stopped requiring me to use it. So, I studie...

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Mario Marathon 4
Post Source: www.masson.us
Posted: Jun 25 2011 12:01:56

Nick Hedrick, writing for the Lafayette Journal & Courier, has an article about a good cause spearheaded by some Lafayette residents. Mario Marathon 4 is underway. Brian Brinegar, John Groth, Chris Deckard, Nate Jones, Bobby Arnold, Shanna Brinegar, Sundeep Rao, Ben Cotton, Jed Johnson, Emil...

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Friday chemical safety round-up
Post Source: cenblog.org
Posted: Jun 25 2011 04:26:53

Chemical health and safety news from the past week: Spied today on the DCHAS website: A promotional code for 25% off Prudent Practices in the Laboratory Chemjobber blogged about keeping hydrazoic acid formation in check during azide reactions Pentagon analysts say that weapons destruct...

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Morning Buzz, June 24, 2011
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: Jun 24 2011 11:36:42

...ng water, air, dust, indoor surfaces, and urine. ExpoCastDB users can obtain summary statistics of exposure data and download datasets.” Civil War-era Indiana newspaper digitized: http://www .jconline. com/articl e/20110616 /NEWS05/10 6160327/In diana-Farm er-s-glimp se-Civil-W ar-era-no...

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West Lafayette Stadium Square Strip Mall Development Interview
Post Source: themediacollective.org
Posted: Jun 19 2011 19:40:24

Listen to the full phone interview: MP3: Download audio file (theme diacollect ive.org-St adium% 20Square&# 37;20Strip %20Mal l%20In terview.mp 3) Ogg: Your browser does not support the audio element. Please update to the latest version of an HTML 5 compliant browser l...

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The Changing Music Industry
Post Source: www.masson.us
Posted: Jun 14 2011 16:10:52

Occasionally, I’ll hear stories about this or that venue where fairly big musical acts used to come and play. Frequently, this will be in towns with barely a pulse, let alone a vibrant music scene. Along these lines, Tim Brouk has a good article in the Journal & Courier on some of the music...

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How Much Do I Owe You? // How Much You Got?
Post Source: www.masson.us
Posted: Jun 08 2011 19:54:41

Shari Rudavsky, has a story on the new state policy making it tougher for kids with insured parents to get vaccines from county health departments. The state – possibly at the direction of the feds – is instructing county departments of health not to provide vaccinations to kids whose ...

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McCutcheon baseball rallies to top CC
Post Source: www.arefashion.us
Posted: Apr 30 2011 03:34:44

Cody Strong and Bryan Chenoweth notched two-run singles during a six-run      cheap new era fitted hats  as McCutcheon rallied for a 7-5 victory over Class A No. 2 Central Catholic at the Mavs Baseball Complex on Friday. The Knights (8-2) led 4-1 entering the bottom of the sixth. But...

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