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Cycling With The MitiGator
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 10 2011 14:34:46

Image via Wikipedia Most of us remember legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong winning the Tour De France over seven times making him one of the greatest athletes in sports history. Cycling is both a serious sport and leisure activity that people from around the world enjoy.  Hitting a trail ...

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Tour de France Stage 14
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 14 2011 08:15:42

Stage 14 Waking up to the last day of aggressive, mountainous riding through the Pyrenees, we’ll be watching as the riders are put through their paces with six peaks to conquer. Going from Saint-Gaudens to Plateau de Beille, regular Tour de France followers will recognise the start location- ...

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What To Look For In A Bike Rack For Your Car
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 16 2011 07:00:48

Thanks to high gas prices and Lance Armstrong , bicycles have experienced a resurgence among Americans. If you like taking your bike with you on day trips and vacations, you’re going to need a bike rack for your car or SUV.  Finding the right bike rack can be a difficult process, especially ...

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Scotty Is Second…
Post Source:
Posted: May 26 2011 02:32:35

So did you watch the American Idol finale tonight? If so, you probably know that Scotty McCreary is your American Idol winner. We can debate the entire season all day long, but one thing is for sure….Scotty McCreary is second. I thank the Lord. He got me here – Scotty McCreary Thos...

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Drug Use & Dominance in Surfing, Cycling
Post Source:
Posted: May 21 2011 17:48:50

Over the last decade I’ve followed two men with admiration and skepticism as they dominated the worlds of cycling and surfing. Respectively, Lance Armstrong and Kelly Slater have had successes in their disciplines unparalleled by their peers. Their lives as champions appear insulated by divine...

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Show #178 – Travels with Fred
Post Source:
Posted: May 02 2011 04:37:51

THE FREDCAST CYCLING PODCAST Episode 178 Travels with Fred May 1, 2011 Listen now by clicking here: This week’s show is sponsored by  JensonUSA ,  Epic Planet , and by  listeners like you Thank you for your  donations ! In this week’s news, May is National Bike Month, Bike...

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