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HTML5: Jetzt wird es interessant
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 10 2011 07:12:00

Die HTML-Arbeitsgruppe des W3C hat einen ersten ffentlichen Arbeitsentwurf von HTML5 speziell fr die Ersteller von Webseiten vorgelegt: HTML5: Edition for Web Authors . Dieses Dokument ist eine Untermenge der gesamten HTML5-Spezifikation ohne die fr Webentwickler eher uninteressanten Anweisungen...

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Noise in CSS – fo’ realz?
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 06 2011 15:48:56

For some years now, addding a “noise” texture to a design seems to be all the craze, and admittedly it can spruce up an otherwise rather bland background. The web design community has been trying to come up with an easy, lightweight method of adding noise, with some degree of success. It tu...

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Semantic MediaWiki 1.6.0 Announced
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 05 2011 11:00:32

Dr. Markus Krötzsch has announced the release of Semantic MediaWiki 1.6.0 (SMW). The announcement states, “SMW is a popular free and open source content management system based on the MediaWiki software that powers Wikipedia. It adds capabilities of semantic data management, querying,...

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Post Source:
Posted: Jul 31 2011 03:46:54

前陣子 注意 的問題 ,顯然 被 JavaScript library 慣壞了,就是 getElementById 這個函 其實 有 document 物件 才有, element 物件 是’有 ,因 一份- 件中, 個 id 都必須 是" 的。而 如果是 " jQue...

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Neues vom W3C
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 25 2011 06:00:00

Die Web Accessibility Initiative des W3C hat einen aktualisierten Entwurf der User Agent Accessibility Guidelines (UAAG) 2.0 und der Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG 2.0) verffentlicht – diese Standards machen neben den WCAG immerhin zwei Drittel des Gesamtbilde...

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W3C WAI 평가방법 TF 시작과 엔지니어 채용
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 22 2011 18:34:30

W3C의 WAI에서 웹 접근성 평가방법 TF를 시작 -습니다. WCAG 2.0에 기반해서 국제적으로 공감대를 형성할 수 있" 평가 방법을 만'다고 합니다. 관련해서 참여자를 모집하고 있으니 관심있으신 분'은 확인해 보시기 &q...

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Summary of various exciting CSS drafts and proposals
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 22 2011 17:41:30

I will be attending my first ever CSS Working Group Face to Face Meeting starting this Sunday, and I wanted to be at least up-to-speed on all the drafts that will be up for discussion. So, in the interest of not letting a few hours spent understanding some of them go to waste, here is a brief su...

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WebRTC Group Posts Minutes and Plans Face-to-Face Meeting This Coming Saturday in Quebec
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 18 2011 19:29:23

Tweet Last week on July 12th, the W3C’s Web Real-Time Communications Working Group (̶ 0;WebRTC&# 8221; – one half of the overall “RTCWEB Initiative” ) held a conference call to help advance the work of the group. Group leader Harald Alvestrand posted a sum...

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Document Outlines
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 17 2011 04:00:03

Document outlines have changed a bit in HTML5. For a start, they’re actually in the spec! The HTML5 Doctor is here to explain what document outlines are, how to make good ones, and why you should care. What are document outlines? # The document outline is the structure of a document, generate...

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