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Posted: Sep 12 2010 23:39:04

#234 No Agenda Show for Sunday September 12th 2010 Phasers on Stun Discover Simple, Private Sharing at This Episode’s Executive Producer: Ryan Story Executive Producer: Sir Paul Couture , Adrionna Cain-Couture, Timothy Cavanagh Associate Executive Producer: Sales G...

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-22
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 22 2010 16:54:00

...07-25 2 things that MUST happen in 2010: USA lays.........

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CNN’s Fareed Zakaria returns ADL award, and $10k that came with it - <span class="source">Americablog</span>
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 07 2010 11:01:00

Bra-vo. Zakaria writing in Newsweek: Bloomberg’s speech stands in stark contrast to the bizarre decision of the Anti-Defamation League to publicly side with those urging that the center be moved. The ADL’s mission statement says it seeks “to put an end forever to unjust and unfair discriminat...

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