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Time To Open Up The Ol’ Mailbag
Post Source:
Posted: Feb 10 2011 21:49:31

Anybody else remember the Henry Mancini-penned “Viewer Mail” theme [audio] that Letterman had back on NBC? I once saw the Red Army Chorus sing it with awesome Russian accents. That was great. Gingerbread Houses , by Alexander Danner and Edward J. Grug III reached the end of i...

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Delicious Webcomics and Guest Appearances
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 07 2010 18:45:06

Before I talk about today’s donation, I need to mention that some of the auctions we’re running will be over soon. Most specifically, the signed ARC from Neil Gaiman and the signed collection of Girl Genius trades. Fair warning. Don’t come crying to me because you weren’t...

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Charity Begins On The Internet
Post Source:
Posted: Nov 15 2010 20:30:54

It’s Monday, with all that entails. But you know what? I’m still having a good day, and hope that you are, too. I’m especially glad to be the 3,473rd person to report that Scott McCloud is recovering at home from his gotta-be-Mr-Unique sudden medical condition that made last week s...

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Digital Strips 207 – Review Hark! a Vagrant
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 02 2010 18:48:03

Download Episode 207 People always ask why we never (or at least rarely) review the big name strips. I normally mumble something about wanted to give exposure to the little guy and then say I have to use the bathroom where I just sit on the toilet wait for who ever it is to go away. No...

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Joey Manley: Are webcomics … out of date?
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 26 2010 22:17:34

Three months ago, Joey Manley — founder and publisher of Modern Tales webcomic site — wrote a piece on his blog called “ The Death of Webcomics? ” His take: nothing great is coming out of the webcomics field anymore: I have been thinking about webcomics, though. I’ve b...

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I Believe in Summer
Post Source:
Posted: May 28 2010 19:37:00

Wow .. . Orgo is over. Sweet jesus. --- Richard Hawley - Tonight the Streets Are Ours Devin Therrialt - I Don’t Think I Kulturini Project - Half Time Report DJ Voodoo and the Liquid Method - Everybody thinks i’m high the remix ’96 (DJ Kelley) DJ Harv...

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