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Frida Kahlo
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 22 2011 00:49:17

  Frida Kahlo In her lifetime, Frida Kahlo was fĂŞted by the French surrealists, a heroine of the Latin American left, and an integral part of the new wave of painters emerging in post-revolutionary Mexico.  Her life and works fell into obscurity after she died, but they wouldn’t be forg...

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Post Source:
Posted: Aug 08 2011 12:55:07

Exporting Myths According to a recent report in newsweek: “In the last decade layoffs have become America’s export to the world.” It’s a quick and dirty way for businesses to cut back on expenses, but like many quick fixes it conceals a host of unintended costs. The author of the re...

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Brazil paves way for reducing poverty, boosting jobs?
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 08 2011 12:00:26

By Patrick Emerson Oregon Economics Blog . I direct your attention to an excellent article from the Financial Times (whose pay wall seems to allow access) about the affect that growth has had on Brazil’s middle class. Last fall I wrote about the dizzying sensation of comin...

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China: Economy
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 07 2011 15:57:17

China and the world economy ; China, energy & economy ; China on 15 Facts About China That Will Blow Your Mind (Business Insider) Despite all the wild stories you have already heard about China, expect the nation to keep blowing your mind. That’s because no...

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Why Gay Marriage Is Good for Straight America - Print - Newsweek
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 04 2011 22:31:31

Why Gay Marriage Is Good for Straight America - Print - newsweek......

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Get the Cash You Need to Invest in Home Savings
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 01 2011 18:36:31

Last week, we talked about how lots of Dallas homeowners are choosing to reinvest in their homes , instead of trying to make a move during a slumping housing market. Here’s the strategy: Invest now in value-boosting home upgrades like a new kitchen, patio, or pool. Sell later when the housing m...

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Spiritual and Physical Condition of Human Society
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 01 2011 02:33:55

This is the second and important feature of the theory of interconnection and harmony of the spiritual and the physical condition of human society and geophysical state of the Earth based on the frequency of resonance. I would like to stress that for each level of the spiritual state as one man and ...

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Learning with Video Games: A Revolution in Education and Training?
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 29 2011 20:36:31

...lates, Gender Differences, and Problematic Gaming.” Pediatrics 126.6 (2010): 1414 [3] http://www .reuters.c om/article /2011/01/1 4/us-micro soft-xbox- idUSTRE70D 0012011011 4 [4] http://www .newsweek. com/2010/1 2/16/motio n-controll ed-videoga mes.html [5] For examples, se...

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What Happens During Brain Freeze?
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 29 2011 18:58:32

From infants to grandparents, many people scream for ice cream. Unfortunately, though, some cold treats make people scream for another reason: brain freeze. Also known as ice cream headaches, brain freeze is a painfulâ€" though harmlessâ€" sensation  in the front or sides of the head oc...

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