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Reader: Aug 16, 2011
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 17 2011 04:50:54

- I want her face . - Fashion’s Night Out is coming in September, download the app to navigate your way around the evening. - Cute wallets from Poketo. - How to wear a head scarf . - Get other people to do your shit for you. - Learn basic html and css . This is exactly what ...

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Post Source:
Posted: Jul 13 2011 23:56:33

LOVE this Eyebrows101 on how to achieve the perfect eyebrows. Also, I love LC. I loved what Dani had to say in her 2nd round of Journal Day on her blog. That lady is so incredibly inspiring + I will definitely be choosing happiness at all times. Watch the beautiful Chelsea from Seablanket in her...

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Post Source:
Posted: Jul 11 2011 21:54:31

{Chocolate chips inside of Raspberries?! Holy Yum! via } Well I suppose since the weekend is over I should blog, right? Right. I’m still slightly in vacation mode. This weekend was such a lovely break from reality and I am just not ready to come back! I had an amazing time in LA eating tons...

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Artstar: Nubby Twiglet
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 06 2011 17:06:25

Nubby Twiglet is a blogger and graphic designer living in Portland How did you get started as a designer? I’d always been interested in art but I wasn’t sure how viable it was as a career option " I knew that I didn’t want to finish school only to find myself in th...

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Leap of faith.
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 04 2011 01:01:30

I don’t know how to say this but for quite sometime I’ve been struggling with this whole baking and pastry thing. To say that being a pastry chef is my ultimate passion would be a lie and why spend time doing something you don’t love? I realized towards the end of my program at sch...

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The New & Improved Debutante Clothing!
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 20 2011 06:27:08

Ta Da! Debutante Clothing got a bit of a facelift. I posted on Facebook and Twitter about the redesign, but now we are fully functional. I had had the previous design for quite a few years. I felt it was time for a new look. All brands must evolve right? The amazing nubbytwiglet did a fantastic ...

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Carousel: Riot Grrrls, Cynicism & Bettie Page!
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 17 2011 20:46:24

Show & Tell: June 17/11
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 17 2011 18:46:45

What a whirlwind week!  Working downtown above the Hyatt for the next month, which is really great.  NXNE & NXNEi (didn’t get a media pass this year, but ended up as a delegate).  Cleaning, organizing, unpacking and moving in preparation for Jason’s arrival next week!  I am s...

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Hello From Hollywood!
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 10 2011 04:00:58

Hello from Hollywood! I know it’s been a little quiet… I’ve been in Los Angeles for the past four days, shopping up a storm & having some intense (& much-needed!) girl time. Nubby is, as always, a wonderful travelling companion. Our room has exploded with f...

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Lovely Links: 6/3/11
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 03 2011 20:16:21

Quick reminder: If you’re feeling like your personal style could use a boost, or looking to head in a new direction, or just hoping to hone what you’ve already got going on and could use a little guidance, the Already Pretty Self-guided Mini Makeover PDF might be just the thing! You se...

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