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Posted: Sep 28 2011 06:36:47

技术党 : 个人感 这个" 集贴" 集成相 '的全 学习HTML 5-程&r squo;设 ★  HTML5 Rocks : Major Feature Groups  的 习  ;HTML5 的资源& nbsp;( HTML5 "示, 教程 ).  源码 很不&qu ot;的&nb sp; HTML...

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PHP Simple Poll Script free
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 05 2011 19:38:02

...nt locations. Don’t let the name fool you, this is a fully functional modernized poll system for your web site. Requirements PHP 5+ - MySQL 5+ ' http://www MySQL Database Setup Open sql.txt in the main Simple Poll folder. Paste the contents into a tool that can execute SQL commands for your MySQL DB In...

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Post Source:
Posted: Sep 05 2011 14:02:19

又是框 冲突 致__auto load(& #41;失效 ,"spl_ autoload_r egister 0;)重 构一下 问题 决。 __autoload () 的"法 不再 了,以 前已经 我的WE B开发" 记中说 。 PHP __autoload 函数( 动载 类-件...

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Post Source:
Posted: Sep 01 2011 11:27:59

本-法 要是 "&qu ot;于迭 代对象 我&qu ot;" 的地- 是simplex ml中的si mplexml_lo ad_string& #40;) ,因 "回的 全是对 ,如 提-数 据"较 烦, 以&quo t;" 了下面 函数 "回的 一个...

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MongoSkin: The future layer for node-mongodb-native.
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 30 2011 22:35:12

MongoSkin: The future layer for node-mongo db-native. : While working on the v0.1 of my little GTD app , which is being build with Node and MongoDB, I quickly came to the conclusion that I didn’t like Mongo DB Native NodeJS Driver (node- mongodb-na tive) very much. Much of it had to...

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Install latest PHP 5 on your CentOS server from source.
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 29 2011 06:10:39

...devel http httpd-devel Now we need to download the latest php source code tarball via wget. You can check their site for the latest version here: and get the updated download link. Otherwise you can use the link provided here if you want version 5.3.8: cd ~ mkdir src cd src wget http://us. t/php-5.3. 8.tar.bz2/ from/this/ mirr...

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Add custom content fields to Joomla (Pt 2. On the Front End)
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 28 2011 23:24:44

As promised, here is part 2 of the article “ add custom content fields to Joomla. ” Last monday we discussed the first aspect of adding custom content fields to Joomla which involved all of admin side steps. These steps included adding a field(s) to the administra tion’ ;s...

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Scaling WordPress on JoyentCloud: Part One
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 19 2011 16:27:09

The following is a repost of Peter Yorke’s original blog at . Peter is a Solution Architect at Joyent with a passion for performance and scalability — he’s the man with a bucket of awesome-sauce and a big paint brush in hand. In my role as a Solution Architect at...

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