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Publishers Desperately Trying To Protect Print Sales, And Failing
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 14 2011 19:01:39

It has been apparent for quite some time that large publishers had been desperately trying to slow the (inevi table) transition to e-books – much as they might deny it. Despite all the breathless talk of “tra nsmedia 221; and “met adata̶ 1; and the furious rate...

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News and Views
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 08 2011 18:11:50

The News Just a gentle reminder to US mystery readers that Jo Nesbo’s latest Harry Hole novel, The Leopard will be released next week, Dec 13th. I’ve already read it and it’s good. The Redeemer still holds the top spot for me though and I still don’t see a publication ...

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Weekly Roundup of Interesting Articles and Blogsites
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 05 2011 13:00:25

Using social media effectively: 6 Ways to Measure Your Social Media Results On self-publishing: Reasons Not to Self-Publish in 2011-2012: A List On promotion, platform, etc. The Importance of Building an Author Platform Rethinking the Familiar Book Tour Indie authors, do...

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Reviews of our new fall books by Publishers Weekly and The Quarterly Conversation
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 28 2011 02:37:08

Our friend Andrew Wessels has reviewed Cyrus Console’s The Odicy at The Quarterly Conversation: Cyrus Console‚Äôs The Odicy begins in a ravaged garden: I returned, and saw that the garden Had not moved from me but that some illness Of the garden ...

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