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clupster: what in the...
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 05 2011 18:54:42

Comment on Whip it up Wednesday: Homemade Mac and Cheese by Josh
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 26 2011 13:58:50

...t looked really interestin g…ha ven’ t tried it myself but I sent it to one of my friends and he said it was “soo oooooooooo ooooooooo good” (direct quote). http://www .seriousea ipes/2011/ 09/mac-and -cheese-wi th-soubise ml......

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More from Tasting Table
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 17 2011 03:37:00

I love the way these cookies turned out. I tested the recipe from Michael Voltaggio’s latest Ink.sack for Tasting Table . Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of fun to make these babies. But I’m afraid their creator is becoming as chunky as the molten chocolate bursting from the crunchy confec...

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Friday Funday
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 07 2011 17:32:38

I’ve spent the last few days publishing the bi-monthly newsletter that my church puts out. It has kept me busy and it’s the most fun and creative part of my job because I get to experiment with simple design and page layout. You’d think that the church web site would be the most cr...

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Delphine Wing Nite: Getting (Your Hands) Dirty at the W
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 06 2011 16:34:31

Spiced Honey Wings ($4.50) Just when you think you’ve got Delphine figured out, they do something to surprise you. The Innovative Dining Group’s sleek Mediterranean restaurant located in the W Hollywood hotel is the last place you’d expect to get your hands dirty. First ...

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It’s Autumn, Baby!
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 04 2011 00:31:30

It’s fall and October!! Next to Spring, this season is my favorite. Here’s what I look forward too: Pumpkin Muffins Boots Sweaters Long, fall nights Tea and… Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt.1 ! Image(top to bottom): We Heart It ,...

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hi.: fish disaster...
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 26 2011 02:18:40

hi.: fish disaster... : FYI: please don’t put waterlogged fish into a pan full of hot bacon fat, as bad things happen when you do so. If you do put waterlogged fish into a pan full of hot bacon fat and bad things end up happening, please deny the flames oxygen; cover them with a metal bowl (...

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