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Desolate Desert Digs
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 06 2011 10:00:40

To the untrained eye, a pile of rocks in the desert might appear to be just that: a pile of rocks. In fact, most untrained eyes probably wouldn’t even see that pile of rocks during the height of summer, when the sun glares angrily off the scorched desert floor. The chiseled pieces of feldspar, g...

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Global Communities and Case Studies ~ News Roundup
Post Source:
Posted: May 30 2011 16:00:35

The HootSuite team is always seeking to refine the dashboard’s features. A big part of the development process is understanding how our owls are using HootSuite. This has affected everything from security to analytics to the localization of HootSuite into different languages. In this N...

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Are You the Banana in the Purse?
Post Source:
Posted: May 23 2011 09:54:19

Are You the Banana in the Purse? Guest Post by Shari Lopatin I pulled a banana out of my purse when paying for a Subway sandwich the other day. Upon digging around the black hole that is my pocketbook, seeking the ever-elusive wallet, my fingers clutched around a solid object. I pulled it out,...

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