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Judicial Watch’s ‘Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians’ for 2011: House Edition
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 30 2011 15:01:59

I sit and wonder…. how is it that these people have been caught of breaking the law and still they sit in office as if they are as clean as a fresh virgin snow?  The Ethics committee finds them guilty and yet there they are, on the tv telling us all the great things they are doing for us.  T...

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Kwanzaa Is Here
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 26 2011 16:34:51

...nd down here in the south it is taken seriously.  So in a Young’s Blog salute Happy Kwanzaa; Happy Hanukkah ; and Merry Christmas. Related articles Bring Out the Kwanzaa Kinara (slate .com) Kwanzaa Reading (rache lpollack.w ordpress.c om) Happy Kwanzaa! &#...

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10 Worst Celebrity Business Ventures of All Time
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 07 2011 04:14:42

2.035th Posts http://www .businessc reditcards .com/boots trapper/10 -worst-cel ebrity-bus iness-vent ures-of-al l-time/ 10 Worst Celebrity Business Ventures of All Time Tuesday, December 6, 2011 at 4:21am by Site Administrator A celebrity’s stamp of approval can do wonders for a busi...

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"Women who are already mothers have more abortions than anyone else, and by an increasingly wide..."
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 29 2011 04:23:58

“Women who are already mothers have more abortions than anyone else, and by an increasingly wide margin. When Guttmacher Institute researchers last ran the numbers in 2008 they found that 61 percent of women who terminate a pregnancy in this country already have at least one child. That was before...

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Can 17-Year-Olds Vote in Mississippi? ( article by David Plotz)
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 27 2011 22:33:30

mneiai : On Nov. 8, Mississippians will vote on a constitutional amendment that would declare, for legal purposes, that a fertilized human egg is an actual person. The primary goal of the amendment, conceived and pushed by pro-life activists, is to bar all abortion in Mississippi, as well as the...

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A Toll for the Slopes
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 18 2011 02:45:00

I just love when skiing intersects with policy, particularly since most of the time, nobody wants to hear wonkishness about Pigovian taxes and internalizing externalities. But when you’re stuck in a car on a Saturday morning waiting, praying for ski traffic to start moving, it’s high tim...

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Friday news picks
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 13 2011 21:00:59

A Labor Member of Parliament, Anna Bourke, has been getting death threats because she supports the carbon tax. The Emerging Writers’ Festival is  going to Brisbane  this weekend and holding a  spelling bee at Jam Jar  in West End on Sunday evening. The Australian Communications an...

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100 Year Starship Symposium - the guys over at Slate have a...
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 11 2011 21:00:05

100 Year Starship Symposium - the guys over at slate have a great summary of this recent symposium on the possibility of developing interstellar travel. Everybody’s favorite quote of course was coined by John Cramer, a physics professor from the University of Washington in a plaid shirt and spo...

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(via Manhattan Trade School for Girls: Report cards from the...
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 24 2011 01:22:26

(via Manhattan Trade School for Girls: Report cards from the 1920s and the stories they tell. (3) - By Paul Lukas - slate Magazine )......

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