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BLACK BREATH, 18.07.2011, Schocken, Stuttgart
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 19 2011 08:42:20

Fotos: Michael Weiß Früher war halt irgendwie doch alles geiler. Wenn da einer sagte “klingt so schwedenm ßig̶ 1;, dann war klar: Saiten tiefergelegt, teilchenbe schleunigt er Traditionmetal plus wuchtiger Backpfeiffe, Rock’ ;n’R oll-Schwun g und gut ist’s '...

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The Hold Steady Week Is Over.
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 25 2011 16:46:06

Right, be quiet and let’s talk about me for a minute. That was the most I’ve ever written in a week and it was a hell of a lot of fun. Thanks to Hendrik , as well as  matt-t , synecdoche , neveralovelysoreal , backleftlitz , and taoistdrunk . I also have an unspeakable amount of gratitude ...

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Tatu and the IWW
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 27 2011 13:45:00

Tatu are secretly Wobblies, aren’t they? All About Us hinges on a personalization of the great IWW slogan An injury to one is an injury to all , transmuted into obsessive romance : If. They. Hurt. You. They. Hurt. Me. Too So we’ll rise up won’t stop And it’s all about...

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Record Store Day
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 14 2011 18:32:36

Only two of the new records we’ve bought this year weren’t purchased in a real, physical shop; Nicolas Jaar and Iron and Wine. The latter could have been bought in our local HMV, and I’m not sure why it wasn’t, but Jaar was sadly nowhere to be seen in Exeter’s emporiums. I like the feeling...

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