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Hot topics, transcribed
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 30 2011 17:20:43

As ever, I had a lot of fun moderating the hot topics panel at this year’s Web Directions @media in London. Thanks to all of you who left questions on my blog post . I had a great line-up of panelists: Relly , Brian , Bruce and Doug . We discussed publishing, mobile, brows...

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Post Source:
Posted: Jul 14 2011 00:00:00

Historique Les microformats ont fait leur apparition en 2003 (XFN) sous l’impulsion de personnes publiant des blogrolls (listes de blogs qui ont plu ou ont été jugés pertinents dans un domaine précis) recherchant un moyen de faire connaître la nature des relati...

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Post Source:
Posted: Jun 10 2011 18:05:05

Usually when I go to a conference it involves crossing a body of water to arrive on foreign shores, often in Europe or America. But the last two events I attended were much closer to home. Two weeks ago there was Web Directions @media in London. Thank you to everyone who provided questions f...

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Pragmatic Semantics
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 07 2011 12:48:54

HTML5, Microformats, ARIA roles, CSS3 and a whole host of other technologies are making our lives as front end developers easier and better. We usually have to rely on the user’s browser supporting these new technologies. That is fine for a site with fairly technical readers, but we also work on...

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Round 2 Elimination - Webbie Madness Secret Identities Revealed
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 22 2011 00:41:45

...a useful resource for people learning CSS with many advanced CSS3 demos Brian Suda (aka Tom Sawyer) @briansuda Helped create the hCard & hCalendar microformats specifications & built X2V Wrote articles & books about the limits of technology, mobile, statistics & design Redesigned a local airlines p...

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