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Removing and rebuilding a malfunctioning Recovery HD partition
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 22 2011 23:07:31

...17;t be changed by this process): diskutil mergePartitions HFS+ MacHD disk0s3 disk0s4 Step Three: Rebuilding the recovery partition: 1. Download the Lion Recovery Update from http://sup .com/kb/DL 1464 2. Run the following commands to attach the correct disk image...

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A che ti Server?
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 14 2011 00:00:02

Curioso che i server della Rim siano andati giù proprio mentre apple lanciava il suo iOS 5 con il nuovo sistema di messaggistica iMessage. Potere occulto di Tim Cook, nostro nuovo stregone? In ogni caso anche quelli di apple non erano brillantissimi in questi giorni… anche se per un motivo s...

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iTunes 10.5 ab sofort verfügbar – Vorbereitung auf iOS 5
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 12 2011 14:06:21

...ung. Synchronisieren Sie automatisch Ihr iPhone, iPad oder iPod touch mit iTunes, sobald sich beide im gleichen WLAN befinden. Informationen zu den Sicherheitsupdates erhalten Sie unter: http://sup .com/kb/HT 1222?viewl ocale=de_D E Quelle: apple Softwareak tualsierun g......

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Time Management Tips – How to Create Value While Saving Time
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 24 2011 17:11:56

Time Management Increases Productivity and Lowers Stress Ever hear of the phrase Time is Money? Effective time management can help you become more productive, lower your stress level, and leave you with more time to do other things.  Here are some of the best time management tips and tricks out the...

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[OS X] Dial-up using Bluetooth on SE C702
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 14 2011 13:24:12

I recently lost my iPhone and so I was back to my trusty, old Sony Ericsson C702. Far from fancy, but it works and I can use it for far longer than I ever could with my iPhone without charging. But I sometimes need on-the-road access to the internet, and now I kneed to do that using C702, which is w...

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