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Posted: Sep 11 2011 16:22:04

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The Onion on VISA
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 20 2011 02:08:55

Dear Readers, I thought you might enjoy this short clipfrom The Onion , a satirical site that produces professional seeming news shows which report on events that never happened, but - almost - might have happened.......

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Web Curios
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 05 2011 12:16:39

Guess who’s back? NO, IT IS NOT EMINEM! IT IS ME! (Though in fairness our level of musical / performing talent is comparable ) Stop gawping at the back – I AM NOT DEAD! I wish that there was some sort of exciting reason for Web Curios’ long absence – an enthra...

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Questions for Baratunde Thurston: What The Onion can teach real news organizations about social media
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 29 2011 15:00:01

The Onion is funny because it looks and feels like real news. To do that well, The Onion has to act like a real news organization. So when Baratunde Thurston , the newspaper’s 30-something digital director who “resides in Brooklyn and lives in Twitter,” describes the evolution ...

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Usa: legge anti streaming prevede il carcere anche per l’embedded su Youtube
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 14 2011 08:57:00

Quando i politici mettono mano a settori che non conoscono a fondo, il pastrocchio è sempre in agguato: negli Stati Uniti si sta discutendo della legge anti-streaming S.978 dei senatori Amy Klobuchar, John Cornyn e Christopher Coons . La questione ruota attorno al caso Rojadirecta : domini intern...

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The BUZZ Shall Be Released: July 12 -18
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 12 2011 07:03:15

www.youtub h?v=RmZfV6 tqbTU JUST ANNOUNCED There are way too many Massey Hall connections to the artists in the above clip not to have it as our lead video this week. Wilco and Fleet Foxes perform Bob Dylan ’s I Shall Be Released (a song famously performed as part of ...

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Does Extreme Deadpan Sarcasm Still Play?
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 10 2011 20:47:58

Even though there is The Onion and The Colbert Report playing our extreme deadpan sarcasm every day, I have a feeling that “the other side” sort of agrees with just about everything they’re being made fun of — at least when it comes to Stephen Colbert and surely this canny, c...

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4 Hilarious Blogs You Can Also Learn Something From
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 09 2011 19:31:52

Laugh and learn by reading quick, to the point blog posts. A variety of blogs around the Internet are good not only for laughs but for learning valuable things about human nature and living in the online age. Just because a blog is amusing doesn’t mean it can’t teach you something. Even...

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Music: AVQ&A: Worst lyrical rhymes in popular music
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 08 2011 05:00:00

...nd to ponder how our diverse lives all led us to convene here together. Got a question you’d like us and the readers to answer? E-mail us at . Here’s a prompt from Philadelphia editor Emily Guendelsberger:  I was sitting around with some buddies and the topic of “worst rhymes in music history” came up. The obvious ones ......

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