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BYOD & BYOA: The Consumerization of Business IT Is Real Now
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 09 2011 16:30:36

If you haven’t been following the debate on BYOD â€' Bring Your Own Device â€' you soon will.  The debate was inspired by the proliferation of $300 netbooks four years ago. Managed service providers were successful, for the most part, in keeping those consumer devices off the corporate ne...

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Links 8/8/2011: Many New Games, Reviews
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 08 2011 16:35:27

Contents GNU/Linux Distributions Devices/Embedded Free Software/Open Source Leftovers GNU/Linux Opinion: Is economic collapse good for Linux? Thus, though we may face economic hardships not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s, we can at least look forward to a Lin...

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Microsoft Has Lost the Mobile War to Linux, Stuck at Around 1% Market Share
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 07 2011 07:42:38

Summary : While Android, which is based on Linux, becomes a dominant platform, Microsoft Windows continue to fall very rapidly R EPORTS from recent days help validate what we have been showing here for years , namely that Windows in mobile devices is a lost cause. One new data point suggests tha...

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Links 6/8/2011: Catching Up With a Week Ago
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 06 2011 10:11:38

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Remnants of Novell
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 22 2011 21:55:11

Summary : BrainShare and Xamarin in the news, or at least in paid press releases W E have been advised to keep an eye on Novell and SUSE for a while longer. Based on the VAR Guy, who attended some Novell events where he helped promote the company, the BrainShare affair goes on for a while long...

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Seven Managed Services Blogs MSPmentor Didn’t Write: July 22
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 22 2011 20:21:07

The heat wave continues here in New York. I gave up iced latte earlier this week… but that resolution ended when the temperature here hit 100 degrees. So, I’m back on my caffeine kick — with just enough energy to tell you about the seven managed services blog entries that MSPmentor...

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Can Microsoft System Center Revenues Lift Windows Intune?
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 22 2011 14:45:40

Perhaps MSPmentor is underestimating the future prospects of Windows Intune . Why am I starting to open my mind to Windows Intune’s future? The simple answer involves Microsoft System Center , which has generated double-digit revenue growth for 10 consecutive quarters, according to Microsoft...

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Tigerpaw Software Prepares Multiple Moves for VARs and MSPs
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 21 2011 20:37:30

Tigerpaw Software Inc. is working on a new telecom initiative to help the company’s 1,400+ voice partners move into the data space, MSPmentor has learned. Meanwhile, Tigerpaw 11R2 — an upgrade to the company’s software platform — is set to debut in the next few weeks. As fre...

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Tuesday Madness!
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 18 2011 22:39:28

Chinese Upset Over Counterfeit Furniture Business Matters: Who Pays for Antipiracy Enforcement? Apple Highlights: New A6 Processors, Jailbreaking and App Piracy A New Try at Curbing Piracy (A Sunday NY Times Editorial) Catching Counterfeiters, a Real Cat-and-Mouse Game &#...

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