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Squirrel steals american flags
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 26 2011 12:10:39

Toledo, OH: A squirrel was caught stealing miniature american flags to line it’s nest. The flags were taken from a police memorial. Toledo police Lt. James Brown managed to take this picture of the furry bandit, with an american flag still in its mouth. Several more flags were later se...

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NFL’s slippery slope: Pryor decision protects league’s free farm system
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 19 2011 13:52:21

One of the longstandi ng–b ut mostly unspoken&# 8211;relat ionships in professional sports is between the NFL and NCAA. They’re separate entities, but the NFL reaps the benefits of college football providing a free farm system capped off with made-for-TV draft. The NFL knows its has a co...

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Ventower Opens Wind Turbine Facility in Michigan
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 12 2011 03:16:00

It’s good to see that the U.S. has not lost all of its renewable energy manufacturing jobs overseas. Today, Ventower Industries has cut the ribbon on its new 115,000 square foot wind turbine manufacturing facility located in the Port of Monroe, Michigan. A ceremony earlier this week marked ...

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Thrill Daily News 8-8-11
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 09 2011 02:06:21

Like a case of herpes that you think you have under control, we’re back to bring the pain! Okay so that was incredibly gross, but you get the point. It’s been over a month since I last harassed you. I apologize for making you wait so long. I know you missed me, I know your life just wasn...

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Toledo Blade editorial board slams Kasich, gets around to what we have been saying for months
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 05 2011 22:55:45

Well, I truly thought it would take longer than a month and a half before people saw how horrible Kasich’s budget was. I really did.  But then I wake up this morning and open up the Toledo Blade to see a scathing editorial condemining the Kasich administration for, well, pretty much everyth...

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“No” Vote Means Repeal Senate Bill 5
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 04 2011 19:18:00

We Are Ohio volunteers, union members and community supporters hailed yesterday’s decision by the Ballot Board . The board approved ballot language so that a “No” vote would count toward repealing Senate Bill 5 (SB 5) – the law that strips workers of collective barga...

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August 3, 2011: Star Spangled Banner Commemorative Coins, Silver Eagle Video, Gold Standard
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 03 2011 07:04:51

Welcome to Coin Update! We’re back with another round up of coin collecting news and articles from around the internet! First, a look at the design candidates provided by the US Mint for the upcoming commemorative coins celebrating the bicentennial of the writing of our national anthem. Al...

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Cubs Bombs, Bobcats No.1!
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 03 2011 05:01:43

Venice Beach is the shark tooth capital of the world. But I’m more interested in the Gulf water, which is as warm as the Cubs, who’ve made it three in a row. Six home runs against the Buccos and I missed them all. Traded in the game for an evening on the beach, and wouldn’t you know it, the ...

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Why Nebraska Will Be A Mediocre Big Ten Team (At Least At First)
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 02 2011 21:11:54

A few things right up front: 1. No, this is not just a wild devil̵ 7;s-advoca te post to help pass the time until football returns for real next month.  (But, to be fair, we’ve got to do that somehow .) 2. Let’s face it, there simply hasn’t been nearly enough Hus...

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Ohio University named biggest party school in the country after finishing bridesmaid the last couple of years
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 02 2011 02:36:01

...ishing second to The University of Georgia (ironically located in a town named Athens too) a couple years in a row and being named to the list frequently, they have become #1 ( http://www .toledobla cation/201 1/08/01/Oh io-U-calle d-nation-s -top-party -school-in -2011-Pri...

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