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Vibe and Vegas Show: Del Miller of Replies To Some Of Dr. Wesley Crichlow’s Comments Live Tonight At 7 p.m. Eastern Time
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 28 2011 15:00:07

In a recent episode of “2011 Through The Eyes, The Mouth, The Heart And The Soul Of Black Men”, we had Dr. Wesley Crichlow give his takes on 2011. A day or so after we posted this episode, Del Miller of contacted us and said that he wanted to respond to some of Dr. Cric...

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MAD Beirut – An Ad for a New Lebanese Nightclub
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 27 2011 21:43:31

I am most definitely not into the Beirut clubbing scene. But this ad is simply awesome and it comes after a series of ads circulating the Lebanese scene that are also really well-made: the Fransabank ad , the Lebanese Brew ad or the Nadine Labaki Johnnie Walker one. This ad, however, is not a...

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Merry Christmas from Around the World
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 26 2011 20:28:17

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New York City A giant Christmas Tree at the Galeries Lafayettes Department Store in Paris A bungee jumper dressed as Santa Claus above Kuta beach in Bali A Christmas tree during a lighting ceremony in Bulgaria A traditional Ch...

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The number of Russian Twitter users has doubled over the last four months
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 26 2011 14:22:02

The number of Russian twitter users has doubled in just four months time One of the most influential users of a certain twitter microblogging is a TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak /@ xenia_sobchak / and singer Vera Brezhneva /@ verabrezhneva /. In the list, of most influential microblogging also inc...

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eFormula Update
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 23 2011 22:10:34

Update from eFormula Team J ust received this important update from the eFormula team: We have three exceptionally exciting announcements for you today… Firstly, we are giving away our brand new software tool called ‘Keyword Blaze’. If you are trying to build a profitable ...

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El día más solidario (23-12-11)
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 23 2011 11:45:43

Por Carlos Jorge  Avanzan las horas del 23 de diciembre más especial que nunca. La Nochebuena casi toca a las puertas de todos los hogares. La Nochebuena de otro año de crisis, de demasiada desilusión, incluso de desesperanza. Un 2011 feo, amargo para la mayoría, pero con un 23 de dic...

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Samsung Galaxy Y Duos And Galaxy Y Pro Duos Launched – Specifications
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 23 2011 07:54:45

Samsung added two dual sim models in its Galaxy series line up, the two models are Galaxy Y Duos and Galaxy Y Pro Duos. As Samsung is a world’s leader in making Android based smart phones and if you are a person who looking Dual sim Android phone, your wait is over as these phones are specially ma...

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Post Source:
Posted: Dec 22 2011 16:19:09

...n and Family www.deweys dailycup.c om www.newmex iconewsand If you have friends or family you think would like to share a daily cup of inspirational coffee with Dewey please forward this email and encourage them to join Dewey’s Daily Cup. All they...

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[Possible Spam Post detected]
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 22 2011 11:48:12

...quo;Expand This Mention’ below for details....

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Trollada Épica
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 22 2011 06:07:46

                                                              Veio na boa, eu imaginei alguém fazendo isso de verdade                                                        AUHA...

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