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Judicial Watch’s ‘Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians’ for 2011: House Edition
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 30 2011 15:01:59

I sit and wonder…. how is it that these people have been caught of breaking the law and still they sit in office as if they are as clean as a fresh virgin snow?  The Ethics committee finds them guilty and yet there they are, on the tv telling us all the great things they are doing for us.  T...

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When will you get it? – The U.S. will NEVER leave Iraq
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 15 2011 17:39:21

US leaves Iraq….yeah right. The second world war ended in 1945 & guess what, The US army is still in Japan & Germany….like cockroaches, they never leave. I’m sure the networks back home have been repeating the great liars speech ad nauseam, and I’m pretty sure it’s go...

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Newt- Freedom Of Expression For Believers Only
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 13 2011 06:09:11

The GOP presidential candidates have been asked to sign a number of pledges  opposing taxes, gay marriage, and supporting the Tea Party’s Contract from America while they campaign for their party’s nomination.  Bob Vander Plaats, a conservative who ran for election to the state house...

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I believe in the Church of Baseball
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 13 2011 03:03:41

Deidre Pujols gave an interview today on Joy-99 FM, the station that used to be St. Louis’s last remaining classical music option until the Pujols family helped convert it to an all-Jesus- all-the-ti me format. Deidre’s been on the radio before, most notably in a series of anti-choice...

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Fact Check: Gingrich Lies About Cap and Trade
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 11 2011 04:11:17

Newt Gingrich In Saturday night’s ABC debate, Gingrich called Bachmann a liar saying that he never supported Cap and Trade. Turns out, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was the real liar. This article posted a few days ago from USA Today proves Gingrich was not only for Cap and Trade h...

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giovanniarduino: Nostalgia (?) time triggered by a nice video...
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 09 2011 02:58:11

giovanniarduino : Nostalgia (?) time triggered by a nice video found on YouTube. I actually was at the infamous NY Carter Hotel (google it and start to shiver) in 2006, for five nights in a row. A pretty formative experience. USA Today almost got it right . Almost. The place...

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Comment on Practicing love in a fatherless universe by gg
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 07 2011 03:50:24

...says the idea “that boys in particular need fathers in the way girls need mothers” doesn’t hold true.” “Single moms’ sons can succeed, new research shows” http://www .usatoday. com/news/n ation/2008 -08-27-sin gle-moms-s ucceed_N.h tm......

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thedailywhat: This x That: Know This: Herman Cain said to...
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 07 2011 03:35:05

thedailywhat : This x That: Know This: Herman Cain said to be  “reassessing” Presidential campaign ; Mark Block: “ No way he’s dropping out .” At New Hampshire town hall meeting, Rick Perry gets voting age, date wrong .  Activists collect over half necessary signat...

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Avengers VS X-Men The biggest comic book event in history...
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 07 2011 03:34:21

Avengers VS X-Men The biggest comic book event in history begins in April 2012 This April, The Avengers and the X-Men"the two most popular franchises in comics history"go to war! Marvel is proud to announce AVENGERS VS X-MEN, a landmark 12-issue pop culture event bringing togeth...

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