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On Elisabeth Schwarzkopf
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 04 2006 14:49:00

i wish i could write an appreciation of this estimable artist. but i have to admit to having been turned off by her early and apart from her marschallin in the first von karajan recording of der rosenkavalier the first four last songs and a lieder recital or two ive never delved into her work as i...

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An Open Letter to Jim Henson
Post Source:
Posted: Jan 06 2006 22:51:00

recently one of my favorite blogs speculated on how the wrath of khan would make an excellent opera. i couldnt agree more. but it brought to mind the musings of a cast i was once invelved in where we realized that the muppets should do the magic flute.think about it. they already did a christmas car...

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If a Meme falls in the forest, part II
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 27 2005 22:02:00

agh much more meme madness might maybe make my mind melt i love alliteration. this one is tricky from ariadne obnoxious four people currently living most likely to produce an interesting stageable brand new opera plot libretto ie you would go to see itwilliam gibson originator of the cyberpunk ge...

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