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Judicial Watch’s ‘Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians’ for 2011: House Edition
Post Source: kajunman.wordpress.com
Posted: Dec 30 2011 15:01:59

I sit and wonder…. how is it that these people have been caught of breaking the law and still they sit in office as if they are as clean as a fresh virgin snow?  The Ethics committee finds them guilty and yet there they are, on the tv telling us all the great things they are doing for us.  T...

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After The Fairy Tale Dies
Post Source: southernbeale.wordpress.com
Posted: Dec 27 2011 15:13:28

Stephen Marche writes in this month’s Esquire about the death of America’s most cherished fairy tale : that we are a land of opportunity, where “anyone can make it” if they just work hard enough. That fairy tale hasn’t been true in a long, long time — such as it...

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Pat Buchanan Is Also Still A Racist Old Crank
Post Source: southernbeale.wordpress.com
Posted: Dec 25 2011 13:25:23

I have just one question after reading this from Pat Buchanan: now will MSNBC fire him? If demography is destiny, the future would seem to belong to Islam. Consider. The six most populous Muslim nations — Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria and Turkey — had a total popu...

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Mahatir’s real ‘invented’ people Malay rights group Perkasa in Malaysia
Post Source: suarakeadilanmalaysia.wordpress.com
Posted: Dec 25 2011 11:28:56

The state of Israel and the Israeli people were invented from scratch by the Zionist movement [GALLO/GETTY] It is hard to believe that anyone who defends Israel’s legitimacy as a state would buy into former Speaker Newt Gingrich’s  argument  that Palestine is an “invented...

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Imagine A World Without Organized Atheism?
Post Source: www.faisalalmutar.com
Posted: Dec 24 2011 11:21:15

“Imagine a world without Organized Atheism”,It is funny but not surprising to hear such sentiment from “ Christians For A Moral World #( CFAMW ) ” organization or whatever which puts an “Anti LGBT logo”  and this picture in their profile And...

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Washington Post blog on Duggars and the Memorial for Jubilee
Post Source: quiverfullmyblog.wordpress.com
Posted: Dec 20 2011 15:13:05

Link to post a t the Washington Post’s “On Parenting” blog.......

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A Radical Jesus and imitatio Christi?
Post Source: ntmark.wordpress.com
Posted: Dec 17 2011 20:03:50

Since Jesus is a cultural icon, it is not surprising when he gets co-opted to support our politics, whether the Jesus of free-market capitalism (HT Scott McKnight ) or the Jesus of Occupy (HT Jim West ).  But my last series suggested that Jesus, at least as our first narrat...

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thedailywhat: War Is Over of the Day: After nearly nine years...
Post Source: hopyamanipapkorn.tumblr.com
Posted: Dec 16 2011 01:14:01

thedailywhat : War Is Over of the Day: After nearly nine years of bloodshed, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta declared the US war in Iraq to be over. The announcement was made during a symbolic ceremony which saw the lowing of the American flag in Baghdad. “After a lot of blood spilled b...

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"Still, the “Geek Lobby,” as they’ve been called, are wary of the impact that SOPA will have on the..."
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: Dec 14 2011 10:34:41

“Still, the “Geek Lobby,” as they’ve been called, are wary of the impact that SOPA will have on the Internet’s freedom " and the impact it could have on their jobs” - I love the way that the Washington Post writer Maura Judkis tries to imply this is a marginal issue by suggest...

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Wikileaks divides world of journalism
Post Source: journalistjan.wordpress.com
Posted: Dec 12 2011 20:05:11

Since its beginning in 2007, Wikileaks has created controversy with its leaking of classified information to journalists and the rest of the world. Despite Wikileaks providing government information to news outlets, some journalists consider the site damaging or unethical. Others say the site w...

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