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21. huffingtonpost.com
20. news.yahoo.com
19. microsoft.com
23. feeds.wordpress.com
24. techcrunch.com
25. wired.com

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Tips Menambah User Staff WordPress Pribadi
Post Source: harryagustiana.tk
Posted: Dec 21 2011 14:36:18

Merekrut staff untuk blog pribadi? wow, keren kayak nya. Tapi gimana caranya ya? Sebelumnya saya ulas sedikit deh. wordpress mengijinkan anda untuk melakukan penambahan staff pengisi artikel di blog. Mungkin anda ingin membuat blog untuk organisasi atau perusahaan dimana disana ada tim tertentu ...

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Create Google Plus Pages Badge for Website & Blogs
Post Source: techieshome.com
Posted: Dec 04 2011 11:22:07

Create Google Plus Pages Badge for your Website & Blogs in few minutes with this tutorial. Now since the Google Plus Pages  for Business has been announced, every brand, celebrity or blog have started creating a Page for their business and the next step would be to get more people add your ...

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Easy Mashable Social Bar 1.1.2 WordPress Plugin Ready For Download
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: Nov 25 2011 02:35:14

This  Easy Mashable Social Bar 1.1.2 is an update version for  Easy Mashable Social Bar 1.1.1  wordpress plugin. A few bugs were removed and some improvement have been made in this new version. New functions:  Easy to customize the width and height. The user can change the backgrou...

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Easy Mashable Social Bar WordPress Plugin
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: Nov 19 2011 16:01:12

Easy Mashable Social Bar wordpress plugin Plugin Version: 1.1.1 Author: Syafz Author URI: http://ins piredmagz. com/ P lugin Description This beautiful Easy Mashable Social Bar plugin is inspired from Mashable.com , coded by Syafz in partnership with Woot.my . The plugin name i...

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How To Install WordPress Manually
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: Nov 16 2011 13:34:45

How to install wordpress ? – Very popular question.Installing wordpress is very easy. Especially right now, most of web host provide icon-based script installation tool, such as SimpleScripts or Fantastics, with which people could install wordpress just by some clicks. It is 5-minutes ins...

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Popularity Contest WordPress plugin breaks RSS feed
Post Source: vivin.net
Posted: Oct 23 2011 17:24:51

I’m using a somewhat old plugin (it hasn’t been updated since ’09) called Popularity Contest to show the popularity of my posts. However, I noticed that it was breaking my RSS feed. This is due to the fact that the plugin doesn’t properly escape the ampersand charac...

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Stop Blog Content Scrapers From Winning
Post Source: www.excitedbylife.com
Posted: Oct 13 2011 14:24:11

Content scraper sites have, unfortunately, been winning the war against people writing legitimate and unique content.  I have seen cases of original legitimate content on lower ranked sites being out ranked by copies of that same content on higher ranked sites in Google search. At the moment it’s...

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FREE Ultimate Thesis Options Plugin Untuk Pengguna Thesis
Post Source: live.dikelantan.com
Posted: Oct 12 2011 19:21:15

Bagi pengguna Thesis Theme yang tak reti nak edit coding-coding tapi mahu create footer widget, header widget, sidebar widget tambahan tanpa pening pening kepala.. aku sarankan supaya guna plugin Ultimate Thesis Options . Dengan plugin Ultimate Thesis Options ni, kita boleh create additional widg...

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WordPress 3.3 Beta 1 / 3.2.1 - Linux
Post Source: Freiland.blog.de
Posted: Oct 11 2011 09:28:04

...ist ein zeitgemässes Weblog-System zum Veröffentlichen persönlicher Beiträge - den Schwerpunkt bilden Ästhetik, Webstandards und Benutzerfr eundlichke it. wordpress basiert auf PHP und MySQL , ist frei erhältlich, einfach zu installieren und wird allen ...

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WordPress 3.3 Beta 1 / 3.2.1 Final
Post Source: Freiland.blog.de
Posted: Oct 11 2011 08:06:11

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