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8417. spaceflightnow.com
8416. pbfcomics.com
8415. browse.deviantart.com
8419. mister-wong.de
8420. img131.imagevenue.com
8421. media.washingtonpost.com

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Linus Torvalds chama GNOME 3 de “bagunça”
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: Aug 08 2011 20:39:08

Como já havíamos comentado antes, mudanças de usabilidade muito agressivas sempre acabam atraindo críticas dos usuários. Foi assim com o KDE 4, com o Unity da Canonical , e mais recentemente com o GNOME 3 . Só que agora o GNOME 3 ganhou um crítico de respeito: vossa santidade, Linus Torval...

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Todo sobre entornos de escritorio en Linux: Gnome, KDE, Unity, XFCE y LXDE
Post Source: www.omicrono.com
Posted: Jul 31 2011 18:12:23

Una de las grandes ventajas de Linux es la posibilidad de personalizar cualquier parte del sistema , como queramos. En este sentido, el entorno de escritorio es una parte muy importante ya que es la parte con la que convivimos y como tal, es vital que nos encontremos cómodos en su uso para que...

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Another day, Another PCLOS - Xfce Edition 2011-07
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: Jul 19 2011 03:12:12

Following the releases of PCLinuxOS 2011.6 and PCLinuxOS 2011.07 MiniMe KDE comes PCLinuxOS Phoenix xfce Edition 2011-07 Final. As you can probably gather, it features the low-weight high-performance xfce desktop which makes it perfect for machines a few years old. It also can be quite pretty an...

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Das bunte Karussell der Desktopumgebungen
Post Source: netz10.de
Posted: Jun 29 2011 04:36:30

Aus Spaß an der Freude Im Bereich der Linux-Desk topumgebun gen ist in der letzten Zeit viel durcheinan dergewirbe lt worden. Hier ist meine persönliche Einschätzung zu Unity, Gnome, xfce und KDE. In meiner euphorischen Phase des Ubuntu-Aufbruchs (bis ca. 2008/2009) konnte ich das...

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GNOME developer quote of the day
Post Source: www.christoph-wickert.de
Posted: Jun 25 2011 12:25:26

I am no longer using GNOME but xfce and this has nothing to do with GNOME Shell . I already switched a long time ago. But as the (co-&# 41;maintai ner of several terminals in Fedora , I wondered how to enable users to easily switch their default terminal emulator in GNOME 3. In th...

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Techview Podcast #108: Alles Touch oder was ?
Post Source: blog.radiotux.de
Posted: Jun 05 2011 13:36:13

In dieser Folge geht es um folgende Themen: neue Consumer Desktops oder alles hat einen Touch (  Windows 8 Demonstration ,  Windows 8 neues Interface ,  Unity , Gnome 3 ,  KDE ,  xfce ,  LXDE ) Sony erneut gehackt ( Sony Pictures wurde gehackt ,  Sony besttigt Hack ) UN un...

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Recuperar Adwaita, el tema por defecto de GNOME3
Post Source: blog.jorgeivanmeza.com
Posted: May 31 2011 00:26:49

Introducción. Hace unos días instalé GNU/Linux Ubuntu 11.04 en uno de mis portátiles.  Aburrido con Unity lo reemplacé con GNOME3 instalado desde repositorios .  También estuve experimentando con otros escritorios que son de mi agrado: xfce y LXDE los cuales se instalaron de manera inde...

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News, links and random thoughts
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: May 06 2011 22:43:34

A UK game developer plans to release a $25 PC the size of a USB key drive within the next twelve months. He already has a working prototype of it on display. Comes with 128MB of RAM, a 700mhz ARM CPU, a HDMI port and a USB port. While it doesn’t yet have built-in storage or networking, it do...

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Tools To Use With Standalone Window Managers
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: May 06 2011 16:28:12

I like xfce , but I do switch to other environments, or standalone window managers whenever required. Like, I use scrotwm for long programming sessions. Or I use Openbox when I am building a heavily customized desktop for someone. However, there is a cost to switching to a standalone window man...

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